Monday, October 26, 2009

Awesome Pattern

Well, I stumbled across Fiddlehead's blog a couple of weeks ago and found this fantastic pattern for a toddlers dress/top and I knew I just had to make it but with me being a little "pattern-challenged" I wasn't too sure that I wouldn't make a mess of it. This has to be the easiest, clearest pattern I have tried so far and the results were great.

I made the pink dress from flannelette (it's still a little cool here at the moment) and added an extra ruffle at the bottom to make it a little longer. After my daughter/model let me do the photo-shoot I had to take the pink dress in a little as I made it a wee bit roomy for her up top.

The red and yellow dress is my favourite. We have a little thing about ladybugs and dragonflies, dragonflies are my thing and Cassidy's is ladybugs. So I found this cute fabric with little red and black ladybugs on yellow fabric and knew I had to make the dress out of it. I ended up making a cardigan out of an old red jumper and making bias binding out of the yellow ladybug fabric for the edges. I wish I had a photo of it but my camera is in dire need of new batteries. Anyways, I also made some little fabric yo-yo's out of the fabric for each dress and put a little loop on the back of them so I could slide them on to a headband and voila!

If you want the pattern it can be found here: check it out, it's a great blog.

Happy Crafting! :)

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