Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miniature Christmas Village

So, now that I have got my stuff together I can show you my favourite thing made by me so far. I made this little Mini Village last Christmas based on an idea I saw here:

I love the idea of a little Winter village all lit up especially seeing as here in Australia our Christmas is usually around the 35 - 40 degree(Celsius) mark. So I scoured the very limited number of craft stores we have here and finally found some "chipboard". I personally would just call it thick cardboard but anyway.

So I liked the look of Martha's Village so I printed up some templates and made some of my own and then away I went. I glued and painted and glittered and decorated my little village and put it atop a cut up box covered in felt and then poked fairy lights through the bottom of the box to light the little houses. This year though I plan on adding to my little village and putting it on my sideboard cupboard so I will have to think of something else for the lighting otherwise there will be horrible wires everywhere, ugh.


Anonymous said...

wow, what an awesome cool miniature village!

Sam O said...

Thanks! :)