Monday, November 23, 2009

Consider me back in action!

Well Hello there. I finally got my butt in to gear and got some batteries for my camera so now I can show you what I've made. Yay! I'm super excited about my latest things. So first of all I bring to you . . . (drum-roll please) . . . Zombie Barbie. Yup, that's right. Complete with half-eaten brains, intestines hanging out and the remains of lunch in her little briefcase.

So, the story behind this, believe-it-or-not, is my 5th Wedding Anniversary. Hubby is a total zombie geek as well as a Star-Wars geek and we saw this one ages ago and he was in love so I thought seeing as he's so damn hard to buy presents for, why not make him his very own Zombie-Barbie!

She was easy peasy to make but so much fun! I found her at my local thrift store for a couple of dollars and her hair was already a little disheveled which was exactly what I was after. So when I got her home, I sprayed her with plastic primer, waited for it to be half-dry and then rubbed it off to give her that dirty look. Then I whipped out my trusty soldering iron (which is not really mine at all. Thanks for the extra-long borrow, Dad!) and melted a hole in her tummy as her body is hard plastic and too tough to get through with a knife or scalpel. Then I cut a hole out of her head with some scissors and moulded a little brain and some intestines out of some air-dry plasticine type thing and painted them pink. Once I had glued her brain and intestines in place, I rummaged through my old Barbie clothes from way back when and found the medical outfit which was already aged, discoloured and torn, perfect! Then really all she needed was some blood spatter and milky eyes. The milky eyes is just a thin layer of acrylic paint and the blood is red nail polish which I thought was best suited as it dries nice and glossy so it appears to be still wet. Like I said - easy peasy!

Hope you like!

Happy Crafting!


Clare said...

Just came over here from your comment on my blog.
Oh boy I love the Zombie Barbie!!!!
I am so anti-Barbie this just cracks me up. XD
Glad you liked the muffin recipe, think I might make some more today, they never last long in our house!

Sam O said...

Thanks, Clare! I kinda love the way she turned out too. Damn that Barbie and her stupid Size 0 figure! lol.

Your muffin recipe doesn't last long around here either. Sooo glad I found it though, those muffins made for some fantastic Chrissy pressies. Thanks again. :)