Sunday, October 31, 2010

Evil Dead Replica Chainsaw. It's a Faux-saw!

For the last month or so, I have had to share my hubby with his shed. He comes home from work, spends a few minutes with Little O and myself and then he's off to the shed again. Same deal on weekends too. Boy am I glad his latest project is done with! I have my husband back - whoohoo!

Well this is what Mr O has been working on ... a faux chainsaw (or Fauxsaw). Mr O turns the big 3-0 in February (yes, next year!) and he has his big B'day bash already planned right down to his costume which is what the Fauxsaw is for. Can you keep a secret? Shhh . . . . he's going as Ash from Evil Dead so he needed a chainsaw that he could "attach" to his arm. After searching for an old chainsaw in the classifieds in the hopes he could just gut it and maybe mod it a bit, he gave up due to the fact that even second-hand those things are damn expensive! So he decided to make one from scratch. He used mostly recycled items and bits and bobs from his shed. (his shed is a treasure trove for man-craftiness).

Okey Dokes, well I suppose I ought to tell you about the Fauxsaw . Mr O used some mdf to make the base and he fibreglassed the entire outer to achieve a smooth effect. The blade is also mdf and the actual chain itself is a bike chain so it will be safe to carry around on the night and is thankfully not sharp at all. The caps and details are lids from bottles and coffee tins etc. Mr O is quite resourceful indeed. He even used a sink drain cover for the vent at the side. So once it was all put together and fibreglassed, it was spray painted and the details were painted on to make it look a little roughed-up. Now all that's left to do is add some blood splatter and Voila! Fauxsaw complete! I am super proud of Mr O for the awesome job he did on this, he's such a smarty bum. :)

Action shots to come after the party (so still a few months to go!)

Thanks for reading!

Happy Crafting, kiddo's!

P.S. If anyone would like a more detailed description of what, how, whatever, drop me a line and I'll get Mr O to give you the info in his more technical speak! lol


Anonymous said...

Cool! How heavy is it?

FluffWarrior said...


Sam O said...

It's pretty heavy to have hanging off your arm for a long time but certainly not as heavy as a real chainsaw.
Thanks for visiting! :)

AndrewJCM said...

Hey there, I have been looking to make something similar to this and this is the absolute best replica that I've seen. I was wondering if it would be possible to get some info on how it was made? You can get ahold of me by adding to the end of my name.

polwig said...

It looks real enough... tell him to keep working on those muscles maybe carry you around for a month to build them up :)... or at least groceries